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Arihito Morita

Showa 44 born in the year. October 5 born.

From childhood, and I began to have an interest in painting,

From the parents "if they have paper and pencil, and a child that does not take the hand"
It is referred to as, to continue encouraging the single-mindedness to creation.
Excellent congenital observation force to the nature of the event,
Impression on the remaining landscape, greenery life, the universe,

And witnessing the event in a wide variety,
Based on emotion rich inspiration,
It was mysterious wisdom and connect of the universe,
It specializes in spiritual creation.
A large nature, freedom and integration as the main theme motif of work,
Mystery of life, it is good at sharp sensibility to Nuku watched the life of Honkai.
Smoked pretend humorous idea the child's heart.
It was full of light, fresh emotional feeling.
From colorful expressive power in the warm tropical Chick,
Referred to as the painter of the tropical, it has gained popularity from a wide range of generations.

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